Queer Movie Talks - 2023

Looking for depth and challenge around the film program? Tune in online at Queer Movie Talks. In these talk shows presented by Annefleur Schipper (programmer/The Lesbian League Podcast) and Tirsa With (presenter Het Klokhuis), we explore with well-known LGBTQ+ers and filmmakers themes that are important to the community and to film lovers in general.

Queer Movie Talks #4

Queer Women in Cinema | With Fleur Pierets, Mildred Roethof and Solange Dekker

This episode of Queer Movie Talks features author Fleur Pierets, producer and director Mildred Roethof and model and presenter Solange Dekker. We talk to them about queer women in cinema: how are they represented, where are the clichés, where do things go very well and why do queer women so often have to end up dead and unhappy anyway?

Queer Movie Talks #3

The Art of Being Different | With Thorn de Vries, De Transketeers and Aynouk Tan

This episode of Queer Movie Talks features actor Thorn de Vries, filmmakers Bart Peters and Jonah Lamers of The Transketeers and Aynouk Tan of Queer Amsterdam.

We talk to Thorn, Bart and Jonah about what it means to be queer, positive role models, celebrating your queerness and queertok. Bart and Jonah also talk a bit about their documentary "Behind the Numbers," which they were commissioned by Hivos and is running during Roze Filmdagen. In addition, we talk with Aynouk Tan about Dutch queer history and what Pride should look like in 10 years.

Queer Movie Talks #2

Queer Filmmakers in the Netherlands | Aaron Rookus, Flip Zuijderland, Tim Dekkers and Ini Elumalai

This episode of Queer Movie Talks features directors and filmmakers Aaron Rookus (Goodbye Stranger), Flip Zonne Zuijderland (Met zonder ballen), Tim Dekkers (Uit 't leven) and Iniyavan Elumalai (Required Reading) as guests. We talk to them about the making process, queer themes within Dutch film and about their films running at Roze Filmdagen 2023.

Queer Movie Talks #1:

Deconstructing Masculinity | Stijn de Vries, Mel Opti and Tijn de Jong talk about what it means being a man

In this episode of Queer Movie Talks, Stijn de Vries, Mel Opti and Tijn de Jong are guests and discuss masculinity. In other words, what do we see as masculine, what don't, and why is that definition often so oppressive?

We also see Othmane and Mathis Chevalier, the protagonists from Mon CRS. Mon CRS is a short film that deals with masculinity and questioning it. Othmane and Mathis talk a little about the characters they play in the film and what happens when you think outside the box.