Accessibility for people of all abilities is important to us. All movie theatres of Het Ketelhuis are wheelchair accessible (as well as one of the toilets in the building). 

We try to screen as many films as possible with subtitles, including English-spoken films. As an international festival we usually screen English-spoken or English-subtitled films. We kindly ask all Dutch filmmakers and producers to screen their films using English subtitles to accommodate our international visitors.

A number of films are subtitled in Dutch; we know that our deaf visitors sometimes have trouble following English subtitles. Unfortunately, from a financial point of view it is not possible for us to subtitle all films ourselves. However, we do keep abreast of new developments: advances in AI will hopefully make it possible to offer at least automatic translations in the coming years. 

During our 2022 edition, we invited a sign language interpreter to interpret all spoken material prior to the film during three screenings (including opening night with speeches and during the award ceremony). We will certainly aim to do this again in the future in order to make more of our screenings and events accessible. 

Another point we’re working towards is accessibility for people with neuro-diversity. We take this into account as much as possible, for example by not playing loud music in the foyer, but when there are large crowds, the venue offers limited space for quietness.

Attention to accessibility is also ingrained in our website - the 2023 website meets all the requirements in that regard, so that visually impaired people, people with motor disabilities and others can also use the website unimpeded to obtain information.