Submissions 2025

We accept a wide variety of features, documentaries and short films. Please note that we are a genre-fluid festival but we only will select LGBTQ+ (sexual and gender diverse) related films.

When filling out the form, please include all necessary information. For a screener, we recommend Vimeo but other platforms are acceptible. Please remember to include the password for the screener, if needed. When there are limits on your screener, such as the period of time it can be seen, or the number of times it can be viewed, make sure these are reasonable; we have a team of programmers so a one-time-only screening is not enough.

Vimeo/youtube/other means of previewing. Please make sure to include the password, if needed.

Country, year, running time, formats available. For example: France/Italy, 2023, 18 minutes, ProRes and MP4 and/or DCP

Do you charge a screening fee for your entry?

Note: currently, you won't receive an email copy of your entry - we're working on that, but they are saved and viewed by us.