Starting the first weekend of March, you can already visit Roze Filmdagen in Het Meterhuisje, right next to Het Ketelhuis. Here, Roze Filmdagen Next Door will immerse you in the festival's themes well before the festival opens.We do this in exciting and relaxing, expected and unexpected ways.


The People Look Like Flowers At Last

Curator: Aynouk Tan.

Featuring works by Gala Faraus, Tengbeh Kamara, Prins de Vos, Misty Superdeluxe, Jonnah Bron and Venus Jasper.

In The People Look Like Flowers At Last, six artists display their perception of the world around them, of each other, and of themselves. Their queer identity inevitably influences their perception. They shed light on what exists between or beyond gender, giving rise to a new reality. This is a place that is often literally exposed; where vulnerability and intimacy can finally reveal themselves freely. Sometimes this manifests as bruises, other times as golden sunlight. An alliance is forged with flora and fauna because they (also) exist without (traditional) notions of identity and gender. Or as a character in Gala Faraus' film puts it: "In the forest I am not trans. In the forest I simply am. That’s all."

Opening hours

From March 1st until March 24th 2024, every day between 13.00- 17.00. Free entry.


On the mezzanine of the Meterhuisje, starting March 14, you will find a VR experience, where you can experience a number of queer-related stories in a unique way. With a choice of three variations, you will experience within the world of virtual reality a complementary, partly documentary, genre reflux dimension to frequently recurring Pink Film Days themes.

Opening hours

From March 14th until March 24th 2024, every day between 13.00- 17.00. Free entry.


On Saturday morning, March 16 and 23, and Sunday morning, March 17 and 24, there will be live talk shows at the Meterhuisje: Queer Movie Talks, De Podcast. In each talk show, a number of interesting guests will discuss a different topic in relation to the themes of the festival and/or more generally about issues surrounding queerness. Like last year, the episodes are presented by Tirsa With and Annefleur Schippers and this year recorded as a podcast.

Due to technical difficulties and limited space you can attend the talkshow - we will notify via our socials when the poscast episdes are available for you to enjoy.